Raising for under-privileged and children in need

In Pakistan, millions of children does not have access to high quality arts and culture, or means of creative expression.

Also, a vast majority of children does not have quality early childhood education.

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Aangun – Early Childhood Education Preschool

Aangun Early Childhood Education Preschool is a unique community-based preschool for underprivileged children age 3-5 years set up by The Little Art. The preschool caters to children of working classes who either do not attend preschool or have access to very low-quality education.

The Aangun ECE Preschool offers immersive learning experiences to children to prepare them for life. Project-based learning ensures sensory, cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social development of children. It also strengthens the community through inter and intra-community links with the training of families, professional development opportunities for women from the community, and volunteer engagement.

Teachers Training Program

TLA offers high quality teachers training program for teachers working in underprivileged and trust schools on implementing arts education integration through art forms such as visual arts and theatre/drama. The workshops are high quality experiences that help teachers to engage students more effectively.

Changing Education through the Arts

TLA aims to work with children, especially girls, in non-profit, low-income and public schools with a focus on arts integration in education. The programme will build a school-based model of excellence through arts that ensures better learning, facilitates children’s creative expression and promotes community engagement.  It will develop strategic partnerships with 3 selected schools in Lahore.

Its key features include professional development of teachers to use arts for education in teaching, arts-integrated instructions for the curriculum, creating and presenting art made by children, exposure of children through art made by professional artists and filmmakers, and research and impact assessment for sustainability.  It will also use the arts and technology as vehicles to reach out to families and communities.

Providing access to 50,000 children a year to arts and culture

TLA organizes various festivals and exhibitions across Pakistan throughout the year, including the Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, ArtBeat Visual Arts Exhibitions and Tamasha Theater Festival for Young Audience. These festivals showcase art created by children and professional artists to children and young people, and help them widen their horizon towards the world they live in.

The support through donations will help us to engage with more under privileged children and young people who will not have access to such experiences otherwise.