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for Under-privileged and Working Class Children

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The Aangun Centre for Learning and Culture preschool is helping under-privileged working class children to develop their cognitive, language, social, sensory and motor skills so that they can eventually bridge the development gap that they have to endure due to an impoverished learning environment.

These objectives are achieved through a highly interactive activity-based and child-centred curriculum and pedagogy grounded in the local culture, supplemented with training of teachers and parents and community engagement.


Educate and Inspire Under-privileged and Working Class Children for Early Childhood Education

The Little Art receives international donations through i-Care Foundation, USA.

The i-Care Fund America, Inc is a 501 (c) (3) organization in the United States. It complies with all federal laws (IRS, Homeland Security, State Department) as well as all US state laws. i-Care provides a platform for organized and intelligent giving for donors of all levels. i-Care America’s EIN/Federal tax identification number 262437362.

Please click below to donate online through the verified and trusted system by i-Care Foundation.

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  • Pre-school children of age 3 to 5 years from under-privileged and working class families
  • Parents of the children from the community (women domestic workers, cleaning and support staff, religious minorities and other working classes)

While 85% of brain development takes place in the first 5 years, most of these kids loose out on the opportunity for appropriate cognitive development.

Many children go through poor education in schools and colleges, supplemented by poor quality tuition, and end up in low paying jobs, perpetuating a vicious cycle of poverty.


The Little Art set up the Aangun Preschool, a community-based pre-school for underprivileged children age 3-5 years living in the vicinity of the Centre. It offers immersive learning experiences to children to prepare them for life.

Project-based learning ensures sensory, cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social development of children. It also strengthens the community through inter and intra-community links with the training of families, professional development opportunities for women from the community, and volunteer engagement.

Preparing Children for Life

Activity-based learning

Holistic development

Community engagement

Environmental education

Use of low-cost materials

Connecting with cultural heritage

Your Donation

Any amount that you wish to contribute is welcomed. We have the following options of support as well.

  • Sponsor a child for Rs 6500 / month

  • Sponsor a child for Rs 75,000 / year

  • Sponsor materials for Rs 15,000 /child/year

  • Sponsor a teacher for Rs 40,000 / month

  • Sponsor a teacher for Rs. 480,000 / year

How to Donate?

Direct Bank Transfer / Cheque

All donations must be in the form of a crossed cheque / bank draft in favour of “The Little Art”

Account Title: The Little Art
Account Number: 0182007000000342
IBAN: PK54FAYS0182007000000342
Bank: Faysal Bank Pvt. Limited, Pakistan

Online Donations via Credit/Debit Cards

All payments using our payment system are secure

Click Here to Donate Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is The Little Art2022-09-15T09:23:17+00:00

The Little Art (TLA), founded in 2007, is a non-profit arts education organisation which uses the power of arts to transform learning for children and youth, specially girls and marginalised from urban and rural areas in Pakistan.

What does The Little Art do?2022-09-15T09:23:50+00:00

The Little Art (TLA), established in 2007, is a registered non-profit arts education organisation which uses the power of arts to transform learning for children and youth and the perception of learning and knowledge for families, teachers and the wider community.  TLA enables children and youth to create and experience arts, trains teachers to sustain and grow the activity, host exhibitions and festivals to showcase works created by children and youth, engages the community for dialogue, and promotes children’s works as voices and stories at various national and international platforms.

The Little art runs Aangun – Center for Learning and Culture in Lahore along with an early childhood education preschool for underprivileged children.

What are the projects of The Little Art?2022-09-15T09:36:42+00:00

Aangun – Center for Learning and Culture

Aangun Early Childhood Education Preschool

Lahore International Children’s Film Festival

National Child Rights Arts Festival

ArtBeat – National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions

Tamasha – Theatre for Young Audience

Tamasha Festival of Performing Arts

National Filmmaking Competition for Schools

CutPutli Puppetry

Camera Kehani – Storytelling through photography

EquallyLoud Films Made By Children and Youth

25 Under 25 Award

Arts Workshops for Children, Teachers and Community Workers

Where does The Little Art gets its funding?2022-09-15T09:25:47+00:00

The Little Art partners with various organisation for in-kind and in-cash contributions for its programmes. We also earn some income through our workshops and events for large private schools.

We rely only on raising funds through individual and institutional campaigns to serve the marginalised and the most in need children and youth.

What can $100 of my donation do to help children?2022-09-15T09:28:42+00:00

We love $100 USD as it allows us to support children in following ways;

  • 1 child gets high quality early childhood education for 6 months
  • 50 children participate in an art exhibition
  • 100 children experience unique arts experience in film or theatre
  • 300 children receive art materials for a year
Does The Little Art accept in-kind donations or non-financial items?2022-09-15T09:31:48+00:00

We appreciate offers for in-kind or non-financial items like books, furniture and fixture, appliances, stationary and art supplies. Please write to if you have this offer.

How is my donation secure?2022-09-16T12:30:24+00:00

The information you provide in order to become a The Little Art donor is safe and secure. Our online donation platform is fully encrypted and has security measures in place.

Is the donation tax deductible?2022-09-16T12:31:05+00:00

For all countries except United States: Donations are not tax deductible.

For United States: Donations are tax deductible if you donate us through I-Care America. Donation are not tax deductible if you donate us through this website.

Please write to us if you need any clarification.

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